Up up and Away- Gate Guru

Whether you’re a flying pro or fresh meat in the airport terminal, Gate Guru may just be your saving grace before lift off.

Their mission is simple. To reinvent the way that YOU travel.

Why you should get it:

  • Create a journey list: add your journey information to the app to give you quick access to trip and flight information.
  • Fall in love with JourneyCard: use this as your main tool on the day that you travel. JourneyCard offers you important information including airport weather, check-in terminal, flight departure time and flight status.
  • Don’t fear wait times with FlightCard: before you lift off and away to your travel adventure, check FlightCard to investigate security wait times, and estimated wait time for your terminal or checkpoint.
  • Wait! I need a car: GateGuru has partnered with Avis, allowing you to reserve a rental car at a discounted price in just two taps. Your discount can range from 5 to 25 percent!
  • Now I’m hungry: use Amenity List View to get details on places to eat and relax before you head to your terminal.

Sources: gateguruapp.com Photo: gateguruapp.com

Interested in purchasing this app? Check out Itunes.com.

Like GateGuru on facebook! www.facebook.com/GateGuruApp


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